Planet Explore 2021 Geospatial applications for Agriculture, Earth Science, Forestry and Environmental Management

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Planet Explore 2021 Geospatial applications for Agriculture, Earth Science, Forestry and Environmental Management

Join us virtually on October 13th and 14th as we explore the power of Global Connection to make positive change for people and the planet. Come meet the Planet community of users and partners, and discover how your peers are using satellite imagery for lasting impact. 

We’ll have incredible speakers, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities especially for those in the Agriculture, Earth Sciences, Forestry and Environmental Management sectors. Please check out the schedule and agenda for this year’s conference here. Here are some presentations from related fields that might pique your interest:

New Remote Sensing Techniques to Track Crop Phenology

To make remote sensing data actionable for agriculture, researchers need to put farmers and agronomists at the center of their work. This often requires the integration of the extensive ground-truth data collected from the field. When tied to high-quality Earth observation data, scientists can use these datasets to push new frontiers in agronomy, like providing precise intelligence on crop phenology or better measure carbon sequestration. Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti and his lab at Kansas State University are engaged in work to bring together massive datasets of ground-truth data with Planets cutting-edge Fusion data to pursue these goals. In this session, Dr. Ciampitti and Luciana Nieto (PhD student) from his lab share how theyre integrating these data today, and how their work can help determine crop phenology and ultimately drive action at scale.

What’s Lurking in the Woods? Seeing, Understanding and Reacting to Forest Change with Planet Data and Forest AI

Deploying advanced image processing and SKYLAB’s #forestAI reveals forest changes at the stand or even tree level. Foresters get maps showing hotspots and quantification of the change over time to help understand the dynamics and rate of change. Thanks to the high cadence of Planet data, a forward time series of this analysis enables a forest health alert system, spotting negative changes as they are happening. As a result, outbreaks of pests or disease can be spotted early and comprehensively, stress dynamics can be understood for better forest planning and climate change adaptation, harvest progress can be constantly monitored, damage from fire, storm or even illegal logging can be quantified. Last but not the least, please check out DOST-ASTI’s presentation on their use of Planet and other geospatial data products here in the Philippines:

Leveraging Space Technology: Solutions and Applications Using Planet Data in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most hazard prone country in the world. Every year, it is hit by disasters like typhoons, landslides and volcanic eruptions among others. Throughout the years, different measures have been undertaken to mitigate and address these challenges. One such solution is to leverage on space technology to complement the existing efforts and help the concerned agencies come up with informed decisions during these critical events. In 2017, the Department of Science and Technology Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTi) partnered with Planet to expand its roster of earth observation satellite subscriptions. Since then, with Planet’s high resolution satellite images and high temporal resolution, different applications were developed to help tackle the different pressing issues that the nation is facing. These would include disaster related solutions such as Forest Fires, Earthquake, Landslides and Floods. Apart from these applications, Planet data was also used for Land Cover classification, Environmental Monitoring and Resource Management. Moving forward, the country will continue to rely on satellite data and space technology in generating solutions. With the advantages of Planet imagery that includes the short revisit periods, it will play a vital role in delivering essential information in a timely and reliable manner through the developed applications.


October 13th-14th, 2021

10AM in the Asia Pacific region (GMT +8)

Virtual & Free to Attend

You can also catch highlights from last year’s event here.


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